Maybe* is the answer to “What do you think?”

Use Maybe* to save whatever you’re thinking about buying and ask your friends what they think. Whatever you save we just might buy for you.

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Shop anytime, anywhere, anyhow

Anything you can buy, you can add to Maybe*. Shop with any retailer, online or on the high street and save the things you like to your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.


Connect your online and offline shopping

Want to be notified when you’re walking nearby something you saved when shopping online? Maybe* does that too.

Need help deciding? Maybe* your friends can help

Share and discuss your shopping dilemmas and Maybe* items with your friends by text, email, Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter and see their feedback all in one place.


Maybe* App Store reviews

Maybe* just helps the whole shopping process so much more. It's the app that I didn't realise that I always needed.  


App store review by Sarah Gregg

Shopping made easy...Love Maybe!

I'm always looking for the next great gadget or fashion deal and I end up taking screen shots, saving notes, or taking photos of things that I might want to buy. Then I loose them or forget where I put them. Maybe has solved this problem...


App store review by pj001

What a great idea and fantastically designed :)

App Store review by Bradders B 27

Really cool idea! Solves the age old issue of should I buy now or wait to see what my friends think and lessens those impulse and panic buys so often made and later regretted. Easy to use and can see this app becoming super popular for social shopping and sharing.

App store review by Hindo100

In this case it's a yes not a maybe! 

Whether I'm buying a dress, shoes or even looking at holiday destinations, I love how you can get family/friends to vote and comment on your items, a great add-on I must say. Show more...

App store review by Shoppingaddict9646


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