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Maybe* lets you ask: "What do you think?"

Use Maybe* to save and share anything you’re thinking about buying. It’s a great way to ask your friends what they think.


Let us buy it for you

Every item you save, share, vote, or comment on gives you a chance to win your favourite things.

When it's not a yes and it's not a no, it's a Maybe*

Maybe* is for those moments when you’re not quite ready to “buy now”. When you’d like to look around, ask friends for their opinions, save for later or see the item in store.

Connect your online and offline shopping

See something you like online, but want to check it out in store?  “Nearby” shows you the nearest shop with your saved items. Or ... take a photo in store. Maybe* will suggest which store you're in and save your item so that it can be easily found again when you're ready to decide.

Watch Maybe* the Movie


Maybe* on all of your devices

Maybe* is available on the web, on your iOS phone, iPad and as a Chrome extension for your PC or Mac. Coming soon for Android.

Get Maybe* on all of your devices

available on the app store Maybe* for ChromeMaybe* on the web beta
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