We understand how you want to shop.

With different retailers, different products, with reviews, including your friend’s opinions, discounts, perks for loyal users, and friendly prompts when you’re physically near something you saved online. Available 24/7, across any device.

It’s not too much to ask. It’s why we created Maybe*.

Maybe* lets you save the things you love on any device, from any retailer - both online and offline - and then share them with your friends to find out what they think. Maybe* will even notify you if you’re walking past something you saved online so you can pop in and check it out.

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The more you use Maybe* the greater the chance we’ll buy you whatever you’ve saved. It’s one of the Perks of using Maybe*.

Maybe* is completely free for shoppers to use and we never sell our shoppers’ personal data.

Why retailers love Maybe*

Only 7% of retailers can connect their users across different devices. Despite the fact that 81% of shoppers use multiple devices when deciding what to buy.

But shoppers also don’t want to have to download an app for every retailer they shop with - an expensive proposition for any retailer. Rather, shoppers want a seamless retailer experience that is built around them.

Maybe* eliminates the gap between how shoppers want to shop and how retailers are able to connect with them.

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We deliver a plug and play omnichannel solution

With minimal technical integration, the Maybe* platform offers easy to deploy tools that will connect retailers with their shoppers across all channels.

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What do you think? #WDYT

#WDYT is a campaign that helps towns and cities across the UK drive local footfall by increasing their digital influence.

Maybe* is leading a collaborative team that is working with Gfirst LEP, National Government and other leading national brands to help towns, cities and high street businesses adjust and adapt to the rapidly changing retail environment.

UK Digital Influence Index

To support the #WDYT campaign, Maybe* has created the UK Digital Influence Index. It measures the digital output of every retailer in the UK’s 1,300 towns and cities and links it to each place where they exist. This groundbreaking initiative will enable any town in the UK to better understand the impact of their digital activity on their local footfall.

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Digital Business of the Year

A brand new category for the Gloucestershire Business awards, Maybe* has been recognised as a leading digital business, optimising all aspects of ecommerce to achieve growth and strong financial performance through exceptional customer experience.  

“We’re absolutely delighted to win the award. Considering we only recently launched Maybe*, it’s a fantastic accolade to achieve, especially when you realise we’re still at a relatively fledgling stage in terms of what we’re aiming to do.”

Polly Barnfield OBE, Founder and CEO

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How do you decide what to buy?

Our journey started by us asking nearly 2000 millennials how they decide what to buy.  

Retail experts at Nottingham Business School and University of Gloucestershire helped author the White Paper: How millennial shoppers decide what to buy.

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