Maybe* connects retailers with their shoppers’ purchase journeys

We connect the online, offline and social retail journey for all shoppers on any device. Any retailer can deploy omnichannel, conversational commerce by adding a few lines of code.

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Keith Scarrott features new technology from Maybe* that allows customers to save the things they are thinking of buying, share them with their friends and connects them to shoes they’re thinking of buying when they are on the high street.

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"Maybe* is less intrusive than an abandoned cart email, and so much more dynamic as it can extend the online shopping experience onto the high street.
Potential buyers can effectively ‘save for later’ with no cookie expiration to worry about, and share and discuss products they like across social channels."

James Holmes, Digital Director
Keith Scarrott Shoes

Find out what your customers are thinking about buying

Maybe* lets your customers save the things they love on any device - both online and offline - and then encourages them to share with friends to find out what they think. 

Connect to your customers when they are nearby your offline store

Maybe* links items shoppers like online to a physical location. Engage with customers who have shown intent when they are nearby a store with push notifications.

Get your customers talking about your products on social media

Turn a shopper's website visit into an endless stream of social content generated by your customers.

  The"What Do You Think" campaign is hitting a high street near you...