Generation Z: The Future of retail

Generation Z is the first generation of Digital Natives to have not known life without a smartphone and they are ready to shop.


According to a recent poll by Huffington Post, 40% are self-confessed digital device addicts, they've been working, playing and buying online since birth - to win them over brands must elevate the digital experience to meet their high expectations. 

For e-commerce stores, it is important to create a user experience that goes beyond the ordinary to appeal to Generation Z. A recent guide by Content Square highlights 3 key points that brands will need to consider to attract tomorrow's consumer.

1. "If you can't reach Generation Z in less than 5 seconds, you can't reach them at all."

It is no surprise that having not lived without a smartphone that Generation Z's attention span is short. The customer journey must be short and seamless in order to convert into a sale; it's worth the investment, research shows Gen Z convert twice as much as the rest of the population. 

2. Respect their priority on privacy and be honest with them

Gen Z wants to know what you're going to do with their data having seen the hiccups it caused for their over-sharing Millenial siblings. Clear terms and conditions and honesty helps to alleviate any discomfort about a transaction.

3. Connect with their craving for authenticity 

User experience is the new salesperson, with Generation Z looking for a cohesive and engaging experience. Displaying user-generated content such as reviews and product images and in-depth ways to explore products such as 360 views are paramount to capturing this audience.

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