The results are in; how social media influenced high street footfall this Mother's Day

Posted by Alison Mair on April 12, 2017   |  wdyt, recommended, social media, digital influence, mothers day

#WDYT – What do you think drove high street footfall on Mother’s Day? We think our Maybe* #WDYT high street campaign might have some thing to do with it.

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Working closely with our pilot towns, local government and partner technology providers, we are beginning to see exciting breakthroughs as we link physical and digital data, whilst delivering some impressive results for our high street partners, just in time for Mother's Day.

Collaborating with Local Data Company and Marketing Gloucester, we were able to analyze detailed footfall data, set against social media uptake by independent retailers on Eastgate Street, Gloucester to measure the growing influence of social media on physical footfall. In the run up to Mother's day, the data showed an uptick in footfall by a minimum 26% compared to the previous week (based on 3 sensors along the street).

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Read the full article from LDC here: Heritage high streets benefit on Mother's Day, as social data gets local

And see how we're doing it below. 

So what's the big idea?

Launched summer 2016, the #WDYT campaign has been gaining considerable momentum, from initial launch in Gloucester, and now live in 7 towns and growing across the UK supporting key dates in the shopping calendar - like Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas or back to school to name a few...

The proposition is simple.

If you're a high street retailer or business, share any post promoting your products on social media and tag with #WDYT (what do you think) and your #town name ie: #Stafford. We take care of the rest.


 If you're a local shopper, we promote the campaign inviting you to share pictures of things you like on social media - tagging with #WDYT, your #Town and tagging the retailer. For this simple ask, you could win the thing you love.

Our part...

We re-share posts from our retail partners through our social platforms and re-purpose the content on our Maybe* platform - showcasing the wares from the high street and asking for feedback from our audience - "What Do You Think?' or #WDYT.Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 2.13.40 PM.png

We also position promotional collateral in participating retail outlets and online inviting shoppers to get in on the action for the chance to win their favourite things. 

And finally, we're helping retailers grow their social media audiences massively with simple give-aways that drive huge engagement, delight customers and drive footfall with a new found awareness. 

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The results:

In the lead up to Mother's day, we focussed on gifting ideas, inviting shoppers, retailers and local business to get involved, resulting in a measurable surge in social activity from many independent retailers. To be exact, the #WDYT campaign resulted in a reach of 30 million impressions in the two week period leading up to Mother's Day and all signs point to the high street. 

Find our more and get involved in the #WDYT campaign here.