How Maybe* can help you decide on your holiday

Posted by Alison Mair on October 17, 2016   |   carribean holiday, planning a holiday, travel decisions, decisions

Summer holidays are well and truly over. Time to start planning the next holiday. At the very least it's time to waste some serious time perusing and languishing on holiday sites to get through the shoulder season.

SAVE_FOR_LATER-1.jpgSo, you Google "tropical beach paradise pinacolada-on-tap holiday getaway". You find an assortment of suitable options across the globe, at various price-points, family friendly, couples only, boutique resort, self-catering and so on.

How do you collect your favourites across multiple sites, organise them, share them with family, and ultimately decide? If your answer is something like what's below....Screen_Shot_2016-01-10_at_22.03.06-942756-edited.png

Maybe* there's a better way....

Maybe* helps you decide what to buy. It’s designed for those moments when you’re not quite ready to “buy now”. When you’d like to shop around, ask friends for their opinions, or save for another day. With Maybe* you can shop anywhere - online or off, save all of your favourites in one place, and ask others what they think. You can use Maybe* for virtually anything you shop for; from holidays to car-parts to hand-bags or theatre tickets. Anything you can buy, you can save to Maybe*.

Back to our holiday.
Create a "Caribbean Boutique Beach Holiday" collection. Save all of your favourite resorts, package holidays, or tour providers from your desktop, tablet or mobile with one click. Maybe* will automatically populate each item with the image, price, details and URL. 

Add any personal details about your collection, then simply share your it with whomever, however you want. Your partner through text, your best-friend across the world via Whatsapp, and your travel agent friend by email.

Watch the votes, comments, and suggestions come in and then make your decision based on the feedback and discussions you’ve received.

Get Maybe* now and start planning your next holiday. 

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