Helping you decide. Maybe* there's an app for that.

Posted by Alison Mair on February 25, 2016   |   online shopping, decisions, helps you decide, social shopping, social commerce, app

We all do it. See something you like in-store, online, in a magazine. You like it. You might really, really like it. But you're not quite ready to pull the trigger and buy it. You'd like to shop around, see what else is out there, ask friends what they think, or save for another day. 

The Maybe* app enables  you to shop anywhere, with any retailer, on any device, online or offline. You can save each item that you might like to buy in one place, ask your friends what they think, or find that item in-store before you buy. Maybe* makes shopping easier, more connected, and much more fun. Let me show you how.

Anything you can buy, you can save to Maybe*.

Shop_anywhere.jpgShop with any retailer online or on the highstreet, create a collection and save pictures, links and descriptions from your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Ask your friends for their opinions and suggestions. 

Share_with_Friends_.jpgAsk friends to help you decide what to buy. Share your Maybe* collections with whomever, however you want through text, email, Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter.  See the feedback, comments and suggestions come in before you make that purchase. Return the favour and  help your friends with their shopping dilemmas

Need inspiration?

View other people’s collections that are similar to yours. See something you like - add it to your own Maybe* collection.

Save and See.  NEARBY_2.jpg

See something you like online, but want to check it out in person? Click “Nearby” to find your nearest shop that stocks your saved items. Turn on your location settings, and get reminders and offers on your saved items when you’re shopping in the vicinity. 

Make a decision and buy! 

Use the feedback from friends, offers from retailers or the benefit of time and reflection to make your decision. Then click to buy from your phone, your tablet, your PC, your Mac, or in store. 

Remember...when it’s not a yes, when it’s not a no, it’s a Maybe*.

Maybe* is currently in beta.  Request a beta invite to try Maybe* before we launch to the world. 

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