The best of Game of Thrones merch

Season 7 is in full swing and we can't get enough of Game of Thrones. We want to watch it, talk about, wear it, BE Game of Thrones. 


To celebrate their love of all things Westeros, Games Radar have searched for the best Game of Thrones merchandise gold can buy and we're impressed.

The list is big, from Jon Snow's backpack to a Lannister banner, although why anyone would want to display their love for Cersai's questionable actions is a mystery. We'd much rather bend the the knee to Daenerys, but then again you are at risk of being burnt alive. 

Let us know what you think of our favourite picks of merch from Game of Thrones and we maybe we'll buy you your favourite, may the Gods be with you.

Fly or die

Winterfell or Kings Landing?


You know nothing Jon Snow


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