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Just ask #WDYT to win

Maybe* lets you shop anywhere, save the things you like, share with friends for feedback and decide. We'll also help you decide by footing the bill. Sound good?  Then read on...


Shop with Maybe*

Pick some things out, save them to Maybe*, and we’ll enter you to win your favourite one from everything you’ve saved. You can pick anything - from any store, online or offline.

Everything is fair game.*

Share it to win it...

Share with friends to ask "What do you think?" The more you share, the better your chances of winning. You'll also get some great feedback to help you decide what to buy. Win.Win. 

Sign up or get the iOS app now. 
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Choosing our weekly winners...

Each week, our winners will be picked from the most popular collections. So, the more you share and ask people what they think, the better your chances of winning.

*Terms and conditions apply. 


For more chances to enter, see our Vote to Win competition here. 


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