621 unique comments in just one hour for Primark’s Christmas jumpers

Posted by Erin Barrett on November 28, 2017   |  retail technology

Using the Maybe* platform, 10 of Primark’s best Christmas jumpers were put in front of 1,373 shoppers on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 09.33.15.png

Shoppers were able to vote on each item to show if they liked or disliked it, and they could join in the conversation by posting a comment.

Here’s what happened in one hour:

  • 903 votes were cast (708 yes votes and 195 no votes)
  • 621 comments were added
  • All from 190 shoppers.

In one hour Maybe* generated 1,523 opinions from only 190 shoppers.

These numbers are instantly scalable with a larger social media following.

In 24 hours, the totals had reached:

  • 1,270 votes were cast (995 yes votes and 275 no votes)
  • 845 comments were added
  • All from 262 shoppers.

That’s 2,115 opinions from only 262 shoppers in only 24 hours.

All relevant shopper comments were automatically shared on Twitter with the shopper and retailer tagged in so that the conversation could continue on social media. On average, each shopper shared 8 opinions, (8.07 to be exact).

What could Primark learn from this?

  • From engaging 262 shoppers, they would know which of their items are most (and least) popular.
  • They could email these shoppers directly with personalised content or continue the conversation with them over social media.
  • They could send shoppers relevant and personalised push notifications drawing them into their shops and connecting their online and offline shopping experience. 

Just imagine what could happen when you ask the same question to a bigger audience.

Here’s what people liked (and didn’t like as much):

  • The most liked item, with 121 yes votes, was this Moose jumper.
  • The least like item, with 52 no votes, was this Elf jumper dress.
  • It was also the item that had shoppers most divided with 70 yes votes and 52 no votes. 

The most talked about item with 100 unique comments was this Christmas bauble jumper.


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