Crowdsourcing product innovation through digital conversations with customers

Posted by Erin Barrett on March 6, 2018   |  recommended, retail technology

Connecting with your customers through conversation can deepen loyalty, drive sales, and help make real-time product decisions.


By leveraging conversation to crowdsource their next product launch, independent sportswear brand Sara Da Silva have set themselves up for success.

The sportswear industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, with a predicted market value of £8.9 billion by 2019. In a market with big players like Nike and Adidas dominating, independent brands must be savvy when strategising new product releases.

Millenials and Gen Z want to be involved in product development and studies show that customer participation in early and late stages of development is most beneficial, resulting in speed to market and increased financial performance.

Sara Da Silva goals in working with Maybe*: Enter into real-time conversations with Sara Da Silva’s online audience to figure out what colour of leggings they should produce and launch next.


The number of shoppers entering into a detailed conversation around a specific product increased by 150%.

Detailed preferences about the colour launch were collected - with purple as the runaway leader.

The purple leggings went into production, with an anticipated sell-out collection to be launched at the end of March.

Sara, owner of Sara De Silva Sportswear said:

“I feel so lucky for having Maybe* help us leverage our customer-base, it is a genius program and I feel like I’m a step ahead. Using the information provided by our customers, we have ordered stock of purple leggings.
Next, using Maybe* technology, I’ll be able to launch the product directly to customers who engaged with our post and joined our Messenger subscriber list. We’re hoping for a sell-out!”

We’ll keep you posted when the Purple leggings go on sale ….

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