Maybe* helped triple revenue during Black Friday and Cyber Monday for one independent retailer

Posted by Erin Barrett on December 5, 2017   |  featured-blog-header, recommended, retail technology

Independent Cheltenham based shoe boutique, Keith Scarrott, tripled their sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the help of Maybe*.



Keith Scarrott offers some of the most beautiful and beautifully made footwear you could imagine, but when we started working with them they didn’t have a website that could sell their fantastic products. Since working with Keith Scarrott owner Sophie Scarrott, we have helped them:

  • Grow their list of email contacts.

  • Create and grow an online social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Turn those social media followers into increased footfall in store.

  • Increase sales - both online and offline.

How did we drive online and offline sales from Facebook and generate 1000’s of shopper opinions at the same time?

Turning Facebook “likes” and “followers” into actual shoppers can be a challenge for many businesses. Maybe* has developed a proven methodology that makes this easy.

For Keith Scarrott we started by growing their Facebook audience. We wrote a compelling post and used our know-how for boosting posts to reach 8,500 potential new customers. From here we grew the number of people excited to engage directly over Facebook Messenger by over 100% in 24 hours.

Using Maybe* technology, we asked shoppers who had opted into engaging over Facebook Messenger to comment on a selection of Keith Scarrott shoes and offered them an exclusive 25% discount.

The result was tripling online sales and delivering 48 shoppers comments and votes.

Each shopper comment was shared over social media, drawing in more shoppers and conversation through authentic customer feedback.

Additionally, over £1,000 worth of sales were from shoppers walking into the shop asking for the discount to be applied to their offline purchases.

How did we drive a massive increase in sales from email?

Helping to grow their email list was one of Keith Scarrott’s early requests. Every shopper that engages with a Keith Scarrott product on Maybe* is another shopper that the Keith Scarrott team can email or connect with directly on Twitter.

On Black Friday these shoppers were emailed a 20% off discount code. Within hours thousands of pounds worth of additional sales had been recorded. All thanks to Maybe* technology.

We’ll keep publishing Keith Scarrott’s progress as we launch more Maybe* campaigns with them.

If you would like to see results like Keith Scarrott book a demo and discover how you can connect your shoppers online, offline and social retail journey.