How Maybe* technology is powering the #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign

Posted by Erin Barrett on December 6, 2017   |  retail technology

The #WDYT campaign is helping retailers, towns, and places improve their Digital Influence. Maybe* technology is what powers the #WDYT campaign.

wdyt_on_phone.pngResearch from Deloitte shows that - right now - 37% of ALL retail sales are influenced by digital.  That means both offline and online sales are influenced by online activity. And it’s only set to increase. By 2020, 49% of all retail sales will be influenced by digital.

The #WDYT campaign has proven that the higher your Digital Influence the greater your footfall. Just watch this video featuring retailers from Stafford to see what we mean.

Maybe* technology is helping retailers improve their online presence and engage shoppers in a way never seen before. Here are some examples of our success:

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