How much can you say about a bag of salad? It turns out, a lot.

Posted by Erin Barrett on February 6, 2018   |  retail technology

Conversational marketing is an individual conversation with your shoppers, done at scale. It’s connecting a shopper to a product and having an exchange about that one product with them.


Our results have proven that conversational marketing can increase digital conversion rates by up to 3% and increase offline footfall by up to 20%.  

You might be thinking, sure that’s possible for something sexy like a fancy new car. Or something very personal like a stylish item of clothing. Or a high value tech investment from an expensive brand like Apple.

And you’d be right.

But you’d also be wrong.

To prove our point, we picked something as everyday, as common, as unsexy as possible. A bag of salad from Iceland.

We asked just over 2,000 Facebook shoppers to tell us what they thought about a collection of items from Iceland. We grouped together items to create a sweet Valentine’s Day meal for two. And we asked people what they thought about it.

Overall, we received 880 comments from shoppers about the items we picked. But let’s focus on our bag of salad. For this one item, we gathered 63 in-depth responses.

The key to conversational marketing is in how to converse with your shoppers. Asking an open ended “Do you like salad?” or “Would you buy this?” results in responses that are a bland yes or no. The more specific a question you ask, the better a response you’ll get.

For the salad, we asked people what type of dressing they would serve with it. Not only does this approach garner longer, more detailed response, it also involves a greater consideration time then shoppers would normally give something as everyday as a bag of salad. Critically, this approach also allows the retailer to go back to each shopper and upsell them on a specific preference.

Here is a sampling of the types of comments we received:

  • "Not a fan of peppery salads - love the mellow ones :)"
  • "Balsamic and some crumbled feta"
  • "Honey and mustard"
  • "I like peppery salad with balsamic and cherry tomatoes"
  • "Mixed with sundried tomatoes too is heavenly"

Each of these comments is then shared on social media, linking to the product conversation and tagging in the shopper. This allows retailers to both continue the conversation in a public forum, and to connect with the shopper's friends.

The value of this comment is far reaching. Thanks to the Maybe* platform, every comment results in:

  • Opt-in Facebook Messenger contacts
  • Opt-in Email contacts
  • Reveals the preference of each shopper
  • Collects sentiment of feedback from a shopper’s comment
  • Creates user-generated content for all social media channels
  • Schedules positive user-generated content automatically
  • Links shopper’s and their known intent to a retailer's physical location
  • Turns each shopper into a micro influencer
  • Reveals what shoppers like and don’t like

To learn how Maybe* technology delivers conversational marketing at scale, request a demo.