Case study: How to increase conversion rates by engaging customers with product design

Posted by Jess Savage on July 12, 2018   |  recommended, case study

By involving your customers in new product launches businesses can create an instant buzz around new items and gauge how well the item is going to sell.


In a recent campaign leading Brazilian niche sportswear brand Sara Da Silva used the Maybe* platform to ask customers to help name a new pair of sports leggings. This initiated a conversation between the brand and customers which developed loyalty and created an engaging purchase journey.

The conversation created led to a sell-out of the new leggings within 15 hours.

.The results

The result was a 4% increase in sales conversion, with the first release of the new leggings selling out within 15 hours. . 

  • Sales conversion increased by 4%
  • Traffic from social media increased by 1970%
  • Mobile traffic increased by 433%

"We literally almost sold out in less than 15 hours! I don’t know a lot of small business that can do that, we have already placed another order."

- Sara, Owner of Sara da Silva 

The approach

Here’s how Maybe* technology helped Sara Da Silva achieve these results:

  1. Engage the audience in a personalised conversation.
  2. Use personalised video to continue the conversation.
  3. Launch the product to a waiting audience.

To get customers excited about the new leggings, Sara Da Silva released a personalised short video to tease their release. At the heart of engagement is the voice of the customer, so Maybe* helped initiate a conversation with Sara Da Silva’s audience, by asking them what the new leggings should be called.

Instead of marketing directly to the audience, conversation allows you to offer your customers value in exchange for their attention.

The names of the leggings were shortlisted and we returned to the conversation to ask the audience to vote for their favourite giving them a chance to win a pair for themselves. This helped create a sense of community and encouraged the audience to engage with each other.

The day before launch, Maybe* technology helped deliver a personalised video to the engaged audience and gathered customer details. The next day potential customers were delivered another a hyper-personalised message with a link to buy the leggings in their size.

The result? A sell-out of the first release of leggings within 15 hours.

"The Maybe* platform allowed us to create deeper relationships with our current customers and easily connect with potential customers."

- Sara, Owner of Sara da Silva 

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