Case study: Using conversational commerce to create a sell out product

Posted by Erin Barrett on April 28, 2018   |  recommended

Ensuring a successful product launch requires a balance of customer insight, product development, and anticipation for the product.


Ensuring a successful product launch requires a balance of customer insight, product development, and anticipation for the product. Sara Da Silva, a Brazilian sportswear brand, approached their most recent product launch by involving their customers in the process to ensure they met these criteria.

The results

The result was an immediate sell out of the most popular sizes and a waiting list for when the product is back in stock. 

The day of the launch proved enormously successful. By building anticipation of the launch to their engaged audience, Sara Sa Silva saw:

  • An increase in sales conversion of 637% 
  • Web traffic increased by 230%
  • 1,400% uplift in orders on launch day resulting in an immediate sell out

"We had the opportunity to launch a new product in the market and sell out our stock in record time. Our engagement on social media and website grew over 300% during the campaign."

- Sara, Owner of Sara da Silva 

The approach

Sara Da Silva took a three-pronged approach to their launch:

  1. Build an audience by involving the audience in product development
  2. Gather product insights and customers opinions and share them on social media
  3. Launch the product to a waiting audience.

First, they worked with Maybe* to build an online audience that was excited to support their brand. Shoppers on Facebook were asked to help Sara Da Silva pick the colour of their next leggings. Hundreds of shoppers engaged with the campaign, resulting in a fully opted-in audience that Sara Da Silva could chat with in more detail on Facebook Messenger.

"By working with Maybe* to ask our customers their opinion it gave us the confidence to invest in a product that we knew our customers would purchase."

- Sara, Owner of Sara da Silva 

By developing a relationship on Facebook Messenger, Sara Da Silva shoppers were asked to share their opinions about existing products. These insights were shared on Twitter and Instagram, allowing other shoppers to see first hand how deeply loved the products are by shoppers. These opinions helped to grow Sara Da Silva’s online audience and drove sales.

"The Maybe* platform allowed us to create deeper relationships with our current customers and easily connect with potential customers."  

- Simon, Director of Sara da Silva 

Best of all, size medium in the newly launched khaki green sold out almost immediately, followed by the existing black leggings selling out over the weekend. Only a few outlier sizes were left a week after launch.

"With the data provided by Maybe* we are now able to understand our consumers and tailor the conversation to create better results."

- Sara, Owner of Sara da Silva 

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