Focus on innovation in cross-channel experiences

From Facebook to conversational commerce, this week we have explored the topics everyone is talking about in the race to improve customer experience and engage their customers in cross-channel experiences.

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Firstly, Facebook has been in the news for weeks now, but how (and why) Facebook got to the centre of this news storm has been less than clear. Our CEO, Polly Barnfield, examines the history that lead to today’s headlines and what opportunities the future presents.

Innovation isn’t just linked to tech companies. This in-depth insight into how 1-800-Flowers is embracing all aspects of digital and conversational commerce is a strong example of how traditional business sectors can use digital to their advantage.  

“The economic value of simply publishing content is zero — unless it is seen and shared.”

This article from explores the reality of today’s social media, point out that “content engagement on social networks, such as shares, likes, and comments have halved since 2015”.  The way to ensure your content is being seen and shared is by publishing the most useful content possible. And this all stems back to conversational commerce.

“We’re more apt to trust a recommendation from a person rather than a brand per se… amplifying such content on social media has a higher chance of seeing more shares, likes and comments as a result.”

And finally, looking to the appointment of John Lewis’s latest MD, Paula Nickolds, we explored why she’s supporting the blurring between online and offline shopping.

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