L’una Designs sets a new Maybe* record for reaching 1,000 comments faster than any other brand

Posted by Erin Barrett on December 23, 2017   |  retail technology

In just a few hours, L’una Designs amassed over 500 comments. Within 12 hours that count broke 1,000 comments and 1,300 votes, setting a new Maybe* record for collecting 1,000 comments so quickly. 


What does this mean for L’una Designs?

It means they have new leads that can now be contacted directly over email. It also means that L’una Designs have enough social proof to last them at least a year, even if they post three shopper comments every day on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Each comment posted on Twitter tags in the shopper and allows their friends and followers to see their comment. Therefore, each shopper who leaves a comment is turned into a micro-influencer for the brand. And that’s what social proof and influence is - shoppers sharing their opinions with their followers. 

How did we do it?

Using the Maybe* platform, six items from L’una Designs were put in front of a handful of shoppers invited via Facebook. Shoppers were first asked to comment on a post in Facebook. After they commented they were invited to share their opinions on the six items in the L’una Designs collection.

After voting and commenting on all six items, shoppers were prompted to save the items they liked for themselves and to ask their friends what they thought, thus putting these same items in front of a new group of shoppers. The six items in the L’una Design collection were saved 129 times, opening the brand up to more shoppers and even more social proof.

Here’s how we gathered 2,433 shopper opinions:

  • 1,368 votes were cast (992 yes votes and 376 no votes)
  • 1,065 comments were added by shoppers and shared on Twitter

All from 508 shoppers. Each of whom left an average of 4 opinions (4.8 to be exact).

That’s 2,433 opinions from only 508 shoppers.

These numbers are instantly scalable with a larger social media following or with Maybe* embedded within a centre or retailer’s website.

What did L’una Designs learn?

  • From engaging 508 shoppers, they know which of their items are most (and least) popular.
  • They can email these shoppers directly with personalised content or continue the conversation with them over social media.
  • They can send shoppers relevant and personalised push notifications drawing them into their shop and connect the online and offline shopping experience.

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