connects online customers with in-store staff using conversational commerce

Posted by Jess Savage on September 4, 2017   |  recommended introduces conversational commerce to link online customers with in-store employees. 

1-peXSn_8PGTmlO7Iox6ws-Q.jpeg burst onto our laptop screens in 2010 promising to revolutionise the furniture industry. Fast forward to today and it is safe to say they have become one of the biggest digital disruptors, cutting out the middleman and offering affordable designer furniture direct from the makers.

Proving there is a market for buying furniture online, are continuing to lead the industry with the introduction of conversational commerce to their online offering, which in turn is connecting online consumers to in-store employees.

The initiative delivered alongside technology partner Hero allows customers to instantly chat with an in-store assistant who will be able to offer advice from a brick-and-mortar showroom.



“Messaging has changed how we all communicate," says Adam Levene, founder and CEO or Hero. "The logical evolution is to use messaging to redefine how we interact with businesses."

As we move closer to a mobile-first age, customers do not have the patience, nor the time to wait on hold to speak to a customer advisor. As conversational commerce progresses it will become the preferred method of how we interact with a business.  

A recent study shows that Gen Z and Millennials want to be more involved with brands they shop with, so by implementing conversational commerce tools retailers can interact in an authentic and immersive way that complements the customer journey to purchase.

Julien Callede, founder and COO of said:

"Innovation and the highest level of customer service has always been at the heart of," he says. "Messaging is going to be at the forefront of how customers communicate with businesses."

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