The Brewery Quarter: “This sounds amazing can’t wait to take the kids”

Posted by Erin Barrett on March 6, 2018   |  retail technology

How Maybe* technology increased awareness of The Brewery Quarter, the premier destination for eating out, leisure and retail in Cheltenham.


The Brewery Quarter is the premier destination for eating out, leisure and retail in Cheltenham.

As a new place to visit and shop in Cheltenham, The Brewery Quarter tasked Maybe* with helping to increase awareness online of The Brewery and increase footfall, linking up their online and offline experience.

“As a leading destination in Cheltenham, we wanted Maybe* to help us get the word out about The Brewery Quarter and get people excited by all we have to offer. We are thrilled with the results and all the new shoppers we’re reaching.”

- Demelsa Coleman, Marketing and Communications Manager of The Brewery Quarter

By featuring three of their tenants (Cosy Club, Babel, and Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf), Maybe* helped increase awareness of The Brewery Quarter on Facebook by an average of 318.54%.

In real terms, before using the Maybe* platform, 1,229 people knew about The Brewery Quarter on Facebook. After using the Maybe* platform, this expanded to reach an average of 5,114 people.

We gathered over 400 comments from shoppers who are excited to visit the Brewery, including Rachel who said:

“This sounds amazing can’t wait to take the kids”.

The comments also included shoppers’ excitement about the latest products and offerings from The Brewery Quarter’s tenants:

"How have you made a salad look so good?"
"We have enjoyed the tapas menu here before and the choice was amazing and we were extremely satisfied with the end product the tapas were delicious."
"Looks good, something different from ordinary restaurants 😃"
"Love this idea! Everyone loves a dinosaur right?! X"
"The mocktail menu was an absolute god-send when I was pregnant there was plenty of choice and all were delicious."

More than just increasing awareness online, The Maybe* platform makes it possible to link all aspects of a shopper’s online journey together so The Brewery can contact these new shoppers in many different ways.

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