Retailers must create a ‘hybrid’ experience to be successful online and offline

Posted by Jess Savage on July 5, 2018   |  recommended

To be successful retailers need to take a holistic view of their customer’s purchase journey.


The current retail landscape gives customers more paths to purchase than ever before. It’s no longer a case of online or offline, to be successful retailers need to take a holistic view of their customer’s purchase journey.  

Whilst the focus of the past five years has been on e-commerce and creating a valuable and immersive digital experience, customers are now demanding the same offering in-store.

In the video below Shopify’s Satish Kanwar uses the term ‘hybrid retail’ to describe today’s customer journey, which blends the type of experiences you’d expect online with the offline world; such as monitoring which point of the purchase journey each customer is at when they visit a website and applying the same experience when they visit a brick-and-mortar store.


Polly Gowers OBE, CEO of Maybe* said:

“Digital is about providing the tools to make the physical experience more agile. There is a new customer journey and retailers have a new task to deliver that customer experience.

Our children can have variety at their fingertips through their online world. A physical experience needs to be able to deliver the same variety, but retailers today don’t deliver that. It requires retail to think even bigger. Physical experiences must have a feel-good factor, every place has to give you a good time and be different.

Consumers now demand remarkable experiences - not the same experience everywhere.”

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