The latest from our high street campaign: #WDYT (What do you think?)

Posted by Erin Barrett on February 26, 2018   |  retail technology

The #WDYT (What do you think?) campaign uses Maybe* technology to increase footfall to local high streets and retailers across the UK.


As a government endorsed campaign, we work closely with town councils, LEPs, BIDS, and with retailers to increase their digital influence, which has a direct and proven impact on footfall. 

Digital influence is a brand or town’s ability to be found online and to have content that influences people to come into their stores or towns.

Improving digital influence has increased footfall in Stafford by 22%, week on week

Working closely with the Isle of Wight, in the first weeks of the campaign we have seen impressive results with the two towns we are supporting: Ryde and Newport. Ryde has risen 229 places to 176 and Newport has broken into the top 100 UK towns & cities at 91, a climb of 150 places.

Stroud has recently broken into the top 50 towns in the UK for digital influence. In the past 12 months they have increased 224 places, thanks to the #WDYT campaign.

Working with retailers, the following have all seen fantastic results this week. Each retailer has increased their online following and is using conversational marketing to engage with their shoppers in a more meaningful way. By connecting online and sharing what’s happening in their stores, retailers are able to connect the online and offline experience for shoppers, which impacts positively on footfall: