Say goodbye to SMS, this is how your customers want to interact

Posted by Erin Barrett on December 18, 2017   |  retail technology

According to this chart from Statista, texting hit its peak in 2011 and it was pretty much all downhill from there.


Once Whatsapp was born, with no fees and faster messaging and Apple released iMessage, SMS messages have nearly become obsolete, only being used if you have no wifi or data.

Instant messaging is the go-to communication tool for how your customers interact with their peers, so it’s no wonder businesses are turning to messaging apps to talk to customers.

We saw this evolve from customers venting at businesses on Twitter (for example: “Where’s my parcel?” or “‘Why is this out of stock?”) because as a consumer you want an instant answer and if you put something out in public the brand in incentivised to respond publicly.

Following this, we’ve seen businesses implement instant chat on their websites, use WhatsApp for customer service, and, more recently, Facebook messenger for communicating directly with customers.

Maybe* technology takes advantage of all the latest consumer trends to ensure we’re reaching shoppers how - and when - they want to be reached. We’ve seen incredible engagement through the use of Facebook Messenger. In fact, we convert what can be viewed as a passive audience - Facebook followers - into active participants. For L’una Designs we were able to generate over 2,000 rich comments and votes through the use of Facebook Messenger.

Ensuing that the Maybe* app allows shoppers to communicate however they would like, including through SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter (the list goes on), results in a product that allows shoppers to connect with their friends through any relevant channel.

Is SMS dead? No, not yet. But as more products enter the marketplace, SMS is losing its stronghold. Maybe* is committed to staying at the forefront of these changes, ensuring our shoppers’ communication needs are always central to our product.

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