Shoppers don't see channels, nor should retailers.

Posted by Polly Barnfield, OBE on November 20, 2017   |  retail technology

The Future of Retail - An ecosystem of strategic collaboration

World headlines regarding stores closing and retailers filing for bankruptcy make it easy to easy to conclude that a retail apocalypse is upon us. Looking through the retail lens of "stores", many bricks and mortar store formats are indeed struggling.

OmnichannelImage Credit: Context

But step back for a moment and look through the eyes of today's consumers. It is no longer a question of shopping stores versus online. Customers simply don't see "channels", or separate physical from digital shopping.

Customers expect a seamless experience across time and place, with multiple choices of how and where to acquire their purchase. It is these rising consumer expectations for "real time retail" that are outstripping the capacity of individual retailers, distributors and vendors to independently deliver.

This is the why we are building Maybe*. The future of retail is becoming a transformation of the traditional linear supply chain into an ecosystem of strategic collaboration. We believe Maybe* will play a significant part in that strategic collaboration.

96% of shoppers visit an e commerce website and don't make a purchase. 58% of in store purchases are influenced by a website visit and 78% of purchases are influenced or discussed on social media. Shoppers "go shopping" everywhere  - its retailers that see channels.

This post is inspired by  Chris Petersen and Adam Simon's post: 

Consumer demands are driving a retail renaissance, not an apocalypse.