What is social proof and why does your business need it?

Posted by Erin Barrett on December 12, 2017   |  featured-blog-header, recommended, retail technology

Social proof is the idea that shoppers are influenced by the opinions and experiences of others.

social_proof.jpgThe most effective elements of social proof are detailed, positive comments, that other shoppers are able to find easily.

Shoppers look to platforms including Twitter and Instagram for unbiased reviews and opinions from other shoppers who have “been there and tried that”. Increasingly, shoppers expect retail websites to host rich reviews and shopper comments that will help them decide what to buy.

What makes for “good” social proof?

The key to social proof is that it must feel genuine. It cannot feel forced or be from your staff. Yes, shoppers may be interested in your CEO’s opinions, however these have to be balanced with opinions and comments from real shoppers they can identify with.

How can your business easily generate social proof?

The answer is quite simple: Maybe* technology creates authentic, rich, compelling, and plentiful social proof for your business. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We take a handful of your most popular or latest products.
  2. Using Maybe* technology, we put these products in front of shoppers on social media.
  3. We simply ask these shoppers to tell us what they think about them.
  4. Shoppers vote for the products they like and post comments, answering any questions you may want to know more about: Which colour is more popular? What else would shoppers buy this item with? Who would they buy it for?
  5. Maybe* technology posts these comments to Twitter, tagging in both the shopper and your brand. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.25.56.png

By asking your shoppers to answer a specific question about your products, you are able to generate comments and responses that are stunningly rich social content.

Here are two examples that highlight the quality of Maybe* comments for both Primark and HandiWorld.

Why is posting the comments to Twitter important?

Ensuring other shoppers can find it is one of the most crucial elements of social proof. By posting these comments to Twitter you can continue the conversation with your shopper directly, and include countless other shoppers in the conversation.

Just think, you can be continuing conversations on Twitter with actively engaged shoppers rather than attempting to start conversations with people who are unfamiliar with your brand. Which sounds a better use of your valuable time? And which would you want other shoppers to see? The answer is all in the social proof.

Is social proof more valuable than spending money on conventional advertising?

In short, yes. And here’s why: advertising is essentially you pushing your message at shoppers. It can be expensive and difficult to get noticed in a busy market.

Social proof is other people sharing unbiased opinions. According to reports published in Entrepreneur magazine, It’s proven to be more trustworthy than conventional advertising, and less expensive for you. Additionally, the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report shows that 56% of shoppers place more trust in emails they sign up for. Another benefit to Maybe* is the fact that you are able to directly email every single shopper than votes or comments.

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