If you’re going to buy him pants and socks this Christmas, buy them from Jack Wills

No matter which Dad on planet Earth you ask what they want for Christmas, the inevitable answer is “pants and socks”. It’s a go to for a reason - it’s practical and easy.

However, there is a hierarchy in the world of pants and socks. And if you’re going to make sure his undergarments are up to snuff, then it’s best to start at the top of the heap with Jack Wills.

You can get him something fun and festive, but know that it’s still high quality. Besides, there’s something incredibly funny about a chap in Christmas pants in July.

We picked our some of our favourites and would love to know what you think of them. Just let us know below.


These reindeer boxer shorts are hilarious and practical. The red stripes can work all year, but those reindeer are something special.

Or, if he needs socks then you should stock up on these red ones from Fernwood. The quality is fantastic and they’re good for Christmas and the rest of the year.

Or how about some holy print boxers? Nothing gets you quite in the festive spirit like bits of holly all over your….err…. Bits.

Happy Christmas to every dad out there - expect some pants under your tree! 

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