Celebrating 25 years of Percy Pig

Marks and Spencer's Percy Pig turns 25 years old this year, but just how did this sweet capture the hearts of so many adults and children?


Can you believe we've been eating the ears of Percy Pigs for 25 years? It's crazy how iconic these tasty pink sweets have become, no trip to Marks and Spencers is complete without them. 

Let's take a look at how Percy Pigs became the iconic swet they are today: 

1992: Percy Pig was created way back in 1992 in his simpliest form, a soft, chewy sweet made with real fruit juice.

2011: Fast forward to 2011 and Veggie Percy hit the shelves sans the gelatine, so more people could enjoy the taste sensation that is a Percy Pig.

2013: Next up, Penny Pig joins Percy on the scene in 2013, followed by Globetrotting Percy which sees his tiger and panda pals join him in the pack.

2015: In 2015 Percy and Penny spot an amazing marketing opportunity and introduce their Percy Piglets to the family of sweets.

2016: In 2016, Percy does a Kanye and releases Percynalities: his iconic face, with a few added expressions made for sharing.

We love this comment from on a Percy Pig Gift Bag that was saved to Maybe*:

“Percy Pig has been a massive part of my childhood- being my favourite sweet and accompanying me on all of my school trips to my work breaks now! Veggie Percy’s are the best. He helped inspire me to find a love for animals and is one of the reasons why I am studying an animal management course now! Happy birthday Percy and I love you!"


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