How to celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year falls on 16th February this year, here's how to prepare for the Year of the Dog...


This year the Chinese New Year falls on 16th February. The Chinese follow a number of traditions to prepare themselves for the new year and to help bring in good luck and fortune. 

Here's a quick Chinese New Year checklist compiled by Echo Huang with the help of her Grandmother which tells us how best to prepare for the spring festival.

Clean the house 

The Chinese sweep the dust of the old year away and discard things they don’t need anymore. It is also tradition to tidy beforehand as doing this at the start of the New year will “sweep” or “wash” away their good luck. 'The Magic of Tidying' by Marie Kondo will help you on your way. 

Cut your hair 

As with cleaning, the Chinese get a haircut before the New Year as a way to welcome in good luck. Some people avoid getting their hair cut for the month following - the perfect time to grow it

Shop til you drop 

For the Chinese, new shoes and clothes symbolize a new beginning. New year, new things! We'd love these socks from ASOS to welcome in the new year. 

Give red envelopes

Red envelopes containing money are given out by married people during the new year. Envelopes are available everywhere, but more recently this can be done virtually by the Chinese social network 'WeChat'.   

Have a feast

Fish and chicken are traditionally eaten on New Year's eve because of what they symbolize: In Cantonese, fish sounds like “well off,” and chicken sounds like luck. These dishes are perfect for serving up a feast. 

Here are some our favourite items to help celebrate Chinese New Year, tell us what you think and we might treat you to one...

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