Let us buy that for you…

Posted by Erin Barrett on March 27, 2018   |   recommended, Perks

Is there something that recently caught your eye? 


Is there something that recently caught your eye? Something a little fun? A little special? Something that made you laugh or smile? Or maybe reminded you of someone you love?

Whatever it is, we’d like to buy it for you.

We’ve launched a new perk programme that’s focused all around what you and others think.

Whenever you, or any shopper like you, shares an opinion, a thought, or an experience about an item, it helps someone else decide if they should buy it or not.

And that’s really helpful. So much so, that we’re now treating our shoppers to a little gift as a thank you for sharing those insights.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick any item you’d like us to buy you (so long as it’s £20 or less).
  2. Save it to Maybe* (our Chrome extension makes this easy to save from any website).
  3. Ask your friends what they think.

After you’ve picked out your gift, we’ll send you an email with your magic number. This number is how many people have to tell you what they think about your item. 

It can be your friends, your colleagues, or those people you saw at a party 20 years ago but you see them every day on Facebook sharing pictures of their cats - it doesn’t matter who. (Well, maybe the cat people owe you one...)

Once you hit your magic number, the next thing you’ll see is your gift arriving in the post.

You don’t need to do anything special to get started, just save something to Maybe* and you’re off.

We have a Chrome extension that makes it super easy to save whatever you're thinking of buying from websites you're browsing:


Here are some items that we'd love to get your thoughts on, add the ones you like and we might buy it for you ...