Primark: The undisputed champion of the Christmas jumper

Posted by Erin Barrett on November 27, 2017   |   retail technology

Christmas jumpers are a holiday institution. A must have. A cannot avoid. They’re as essential as mulled wine and… more mulled wine.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 09.33.15.png

Finding the perfect Christmas jumper is a festive challenge we’re up to. It needs to hit the perfect balance between creative, fun, original, and, well, tacky as hell.

Every year Primark hits the Christmas jumper right out of the park. They never fail to come out with original ideas, cute patterns, and just the right balance of fun and garish.

We picked out our favourites and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them. Here are a few highlights:

Call us crazy, but we’re loving this black snowman jumper. We can easily see him teamed with smart black trousers and heels for work. We know, we couldn’t believe it either. But can’t you just see it? Festive, slightly formal and still fun - does it get better than that? And all for only £8.

From the tackier (or better, depending on however you want to read it) end of the scale, this light up Christmas tree jumper is the stuff of festive dreams. It hits every note: bright - check, festive - double check, memorable - check to the third. What more could you want?

And don’t forget the men. You guys can’t get away from the season without needing your own Christmas jumper. He’ll be ho ho handsome in this Santa jumper, complete with big red nose and snowflakes. Together, you’ll be a his and hers version of Christmas perfection.

Here are the rest of the jumpers we picked out - let us know what you think.

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