The best lip balms for dry lips

Here are the best lip balms for dry lips because chapped lips are the worst, right?


We've searched out lip balms with the best reviews online to help you find the perfect cure for your chapped lips. 

But firstly, why do we get dry lips?

It's useful to know why we get dry lips so we can try and prevent it happening. Alas, after extensive research it turns out 'practically anything' can cause dry lips.

"From harsh weather conditions to licking your lips, anything that strips the skin of moisture can be a risk factor." - Vaseline 

So, when you're shopping for a lip balm take into account certain factors to pick the perfect one for you. For example, if you're always out in the sun, choose a lip balm that contains SPF like this one from Burt's Bees. Or if you suffer from painful dry lips, choose a balm that has a soothing ingredient like cocoa butter like this one from Vaseline.

Let us know what you think of these lip balms and we might treat you to one...

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